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Wyoming Secretary of State Business Entity Search

By heading to the Wyoming Secretary of State Business Filing Search, users can search for LLCs by entering a Filing Name or Filing ID. Searching by a Filing ID will yield a single entity if entered correctly. If the user wishes to execute a more broad search, we recommend searching by a Filing Name. Searching by Filing Name is also useful if the user is searching for available entity names in Wisconsin.

How to Search

Step 1 – To begin the search process, head to This Webpage. Once the user reaches the site, he or she has the option to either enter a Filing Name or a Filing ID. If entering a Filing ID, select either Starts With or Contains for the search criteria. Once the search information has been inputted, select the blue Search button.

Wyoming Page 1

Step 2 – Once the search has been initiated, any results will appear in a list. Hover over and select an entity to gain a more detailed view of the company.

Wyoming Page 2

Step 3 – The detailed page will provide many useful points of information to the user, such as its Name, Filing ID, Type, Status, Sub Status, Initial Filing, Term of Duration, Formed In, Standing, Principal Office, and Mailing Address. Additionally, the user can select the following tabs at the bottom of the page: Additional Details, History, Public Notes, and Parties.

Wyoming Page 3