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South Dakota Secretary of State Business Entity Search

In South Dakota, individuals can search for entities based upon their Business Name, Business ID, Entity Details, or by Registered Agent by utilizing the South Dakota Secretary of State Business Search. Once an entity has been selected, users can view detailed information regarding the company and also utilize options such as the ability to File Annual Report, issue a Statement of Change, and view useful Forms regarding the company. For prospective business owners in South Dakota, the search tool can be used as a name availability search. By entering potential business names, users can determine which names could be utilized for their entity.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This Page. Then, enter the Business Name the user would like to search for. If utilizing a different search parameter, select from one of the three other tabs at the top of the page and enter the corresponding information. Once all necessary information has been entered, select the blue Search button.

South Dakota Page 1

Step 2 – Any matching entities will appear in a list. Brief details will be displayed regarding the listed entity(s). To view additional details regarding an entity, select the company’s Business ID.

South Dakota Page 2

Step 3 – The user will now be able to view the selected company’s Entity Details, Registered Agent Info, Documents, and have access to several options at the top of the page.

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