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Nevada Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Search for LLCs in the state of Nevada by utilizing the Nevada Secretary of State Business Search. The tool offers several different search parameters if the entity name is not known by the user. Additionally, the tool allows users to sort the matching entities by five different options, which increases the likelihood of finding the correct entity. For users planning on applying for an LLC in Nevada, the search tool can be used as a Name Search. Check the box ‘Include phonetic matches’ to see companies that sound similar to the entered LLC name. If the name entered does not have any exact/similar sounding results, the user can apply for an entity using that name.

How to Search

Step 1 – Head to the following web address:

Once the page has been reached, select the parameter that will be used to search by, enter the name or number (depending on the parameter selected), select how the results will be sorted, and choose whether the results will be in ascending or descending order. Click the blue Search button to execute the search.

Nevada Page 1

Step 2 – A list of entities will appear if the search was successful. To select an entity from the list, click on the entity’s Name, NV Business ID, Status, or Type.

Nevada Page 2

Step 3 – A vast amount of information will then be displayed regarding the selected company. The information will be broken down into categories which consist of the following:

  • Business Entity Information
  • Additional Information
  • Registered Agent Information
  • Financial Information
  • Officers
  • Actions/Amendments

Nevada Page 3

Nevada Page 4