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Montana Secretary of State Business Entity Search

To search for an LLC in the state of Montana, utilize the Montana Secretary of State Business Entity Search. The tool allows users to enter an entity name to receive detailed information regarding said entity, such as the entity’s Address, Registered Agent Info, and much more. In addition, the user can view several types of certificates regarding the searched-for entities, such as Certificates of Existence, Certificates of Authorization, and Certificates of Fact.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to the following web address: At the page, enter the name of the entity you will be searching for. It should be noted that entering the first full word of the company decreases the search time. Once a name has been inputted, select the Submit Query button.

Montana Page 1

Step 2 – On the next page, any entities that match the searched information will appear in a list. The company’s Name, Type, City/State, and Status will be displayed. To view an entity from the list in detail, select the company’s underlined name in blue text.

Montana Page 2

Step 3 – Several points of information will be displayed regarding the chosen company, such as it’s Name, ID #, Type, Jurisdiction State, Status, Status Dates, Principal Office Address, Term, Description, Purpose Code, and Registered Agent Information. To view a certificate regarding the company, select one of the three available certificate options at the top of the page.

Montana Page 3

Montana Page 4