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Maryland Secretary of State Business Entity Search

To search for an LLC in the state of Maryland, head to the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation Charter Record Search found here. The search tool allows users to access several points of information regarding both active and inactive entities in the state. In addition to gaining information on entities, users can also use the search tool to search for the availability of company names. This is useful for individuals planning on applying for an LLC in the near future.

How to Search

Step 1 – To start the search process, head to the following webpage: At the page, select either Name or Department ID from the drop-down tab. An empty text box will appear directly beneath the tab. Here, enter the name or number of the entity the user will be searching for.

Maryland Page 1

Maryland Page 2

Step 2 – Entities that match the searched criteria will appear in a list. To gain additional information on an entity, select ‘General Info’. To view amendments regarding an entity, select the word ‘Amendments’. Although it may not be available for all entities on the list, users can select ‘Personal Property’ to view the LLC’s Mailing Address, Personal Property Filings, and other points of information.

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Step 3 – After selecting the ‘General Info’ text, the user will be able to view the LLC’s Principal Office, Registered Agent, Status, Standing, Business Code, Date of Formation or Registration, State of Formation, and other useful subjects.

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