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Idaho Secretary of State Business Entity Search

In the state of Idaho, businesses can be searched for using the Idaho Secretary of State Business Entity Search Page found at this web address. The search tool allows users the option to search by six different parameters, which include Entity Name, Entity City, ID/Filing Number, Registered Agent Name, Registered Agent City, and Date of Organization/Authorization.

Name Search: Individuals planning on applying for an LLC in Idaho can use the search tool to ensure the name they are planning on naming their entity has not already been registered with another another LLC.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to the following address:

At the page, the user can search for entities using up to six different parameters. The more parameters that are utilized the more refined the search will be. Once all parameters have been entered, click the white ‘Search’ button.

Idaho Page 1

Step 2 – Entities that match the searched info will appear in a list. The LLCs’ Organizational ID/Filing Number, Address, Business Type, and Filing Date will be displayed under the entities name. To view more information on an entity, click the blue “View Details” button next to the company name.

Idaho Page 2

Step 3 – The information that is available for viewing is different for each entity, although the user can expect to see the following points after selecting an entity:

  • Address
  • Type of Business
  • State of Origin
  • Date of Organization/Authorization
  • Current Registered Agent Info
  • Organizational ID/Filing Number
  • Number of Authorized Stock Shares
  • Date of Last Annual Report
  • Annual Report Due Date
  • Original Filing
  • Annual Report Documents

Idaho Page 3