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Hawaii Secretary of State Business Entity Search

In the state of Hawaii, individuals can search for LLCs using the Department of Commerce & Consumer Affairs Business Search Page found here. After entering the name of the LLC, a list of entities matching the searched name will appear. By selecting an entity from the list, the user can view several useful details regarding the entity, such as its address, agent information, registration date, and many more.

How to Write

Step 1 – Go to the following address: https://hbe.ehawaii.gov/documents/search.html.

At the page, enter the name of the entity. The user can select either ‘Contains’ or ‘Begins With’ depending on how precise the user would like to make the search.

Hawaii Page 1

Step 2 – After clicking the blue ‘Search’ button, a list of names that match the searched criteria will appear. Brief information will be displayed regarding the listed companies, including Record Type, File Number, and Status. To view an entity from the list in-depth, select the company’s name in blue text.


Step 3 – The information that will be visible to the user will be the company’s Trade Name, File Number, Certificate Number, Status, Purpose, Category, Exp. Date, Registration Date, Mailing Address, Registrant, Agent Name, and Agent Address. The user can also view other filings and can buy any available documents regarding the entity.

Hawaii Page 3