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Georgia Secretary of State Business Entity Search

Search for LLCs in the state of Georgia by utilizing the Georgia Corporations Division’s Business Search Page. The search tool allows users to make custom searches using one of four possible parameters (Business Name, Control Number, Registered Agent Name, or Officer Name). Although not recommended by the Georgia Secretary of State, the business search can be used to check for the availability of entity names for individuals planning on applying for an LLC in the near future.

How to Search

Step 1 – Head to the Georgia Corporations Divisions Business Search found at This Webpage. Once at the address, select the bubble corresponding to the search parameter that will be used to┬ásearch for entities, enter the name or number into the empty text box, and click the black ‘Search’ button.

Georgia Page 1

Step 2 – Matching entities will appear in a list. Basic information regarding the LLCs will be displayed; to view a more detailed description of an entity, select the blue entity name on the left side of the page.

Georgia Page 2

Step 3 – Once an entity has been selected, the following information will be displayed to the user regarding the LLC:

  • Business Type
  • Business Status
  • Control Number
  • Formation Date
  • Principal Office Address
  • Last Annual Registration Year
  • Registered Agent Name and Physical Address
  • Officer Information

Additionally, at the bottom of the page are two options allowing the user to view either the LLC’s Filing or┬áName History.

Georgia Page 3