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Connecticut Secretary of State Business Entity Search

The Connecticut Secretary of State Business Search allows users to view useful information on entities both foreign and domestic to the state. The user will be able to see information such as incorporation dates, business IDs, addresses, and many other pertinent details. Future corporation applicantsĀ can check to see if entity names are available for use in the state by entering their planned entity name and viewing the corresponding results.

How to Write

Step 1 – To begin, head to This Webpage. Once at the page, the user can use one of three search options (Name, Business ID, or Filing Number) to search for LLCs. When a method has been chosen and the name or number has been entered, click the green search button.

Note: If searching by ‘Name’, put an asterisk (*) next to the entity name to be given results that are closely similar to the searched name.

Connecticut Page 1

Step 2 – When the search has been completed, a list of matching LLCs will be in view. To gain a more detailed view of an LLC from the list, select the blue, underlined entity name at the left of the page.

Connecticut Page 2

Step 3 – The company information will be split into three sections including Business Details, Principals Details, and Agent Summary. In the bottom right side of the page will be options to view the LLC’s Filing History, Name History, and Shares.

Connecticut Page 3