Arizona Secretary of State Business Entity Search

The Arizona Corporation Commission offers a business entity search page that gives individuals planning on applying for an LLC to ensure their planned entity name is not taken. The search tool also gives details about the searched entity such as the file number, incorporation date, domestic and foreign addresses (if applicable), manager information, and many other useful points of information.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage and begin your query. Once at the page, you can search for an entity using the LLC’s name or file number. The user can also search by only active or inactive LLC’s as well as Domestic or Foreign entities.

Arizona Search 1

Step 2 – After hitting the ‘Search’ button, any and all entities that match the information entered will appear below the search area. From this page the user will be able to view the entities File Number, Corporation Name, and Name Type. To have a more detailed view of an LLC from the list, select the name of the corporation in the blue lettering.

Arizona Search 2

Step 3 – Once an entity has been selected, the user will be shown all available details regarding the company. At the top of the page, the user will be able to see corporate information, the LLC’s addresses (if applicable), and statutory agent information.

Arizona Search 3

Step 4 – Scrolling down the page, the user will be able to see the LLC’s incorporation date, business type, domicile, approval date, information regarding company officers and directors, annual reports, scanned documents, and many other useful points of information.

Arizona Search 4