Alaska Secretary of State Business Entity Search

In the State of Alaska, a corporation or LLC may be searched by name in the Department of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development by going to This Webpage and entering the name or number of the entity. After finding the listing on the page of matching results, any and all public information may be obtained by the searcher including but not limited to the officials and the addresses on file.

New LLC Name Lookup – If you are using this service to find a unique name for your business it is important that after performing your search that there are no matches. If there are matches and you do not believe they are a close enough to yours then you should contact the State for clarification.

How to Search

Step 1 – Go hereĀ


Step 2 – After making your selection, any and all matching entities will appear below the search bar including the entity’s type (corporation, LLC, etc.), number (6 digits), name, legal type, and their status (good standing, dissolved, expired, etc.).

To view the rest of the entity’s information the six (6) digit blue number should be clicked.


Step 3 – The user will be able to view all the details of the limited liability company including the entity: type, number, status, formation date, duration, home state, next biennial report (when it is due), mailing address, physical address, registered agent (name and address).


Step 4 – Scrolling down, you may also be able to see the officials of the entity in addition to any of the filed documents by selecting the “Click to View” button.