Form a Foreign LLC in Connecticut – Application for Registration (Form LCF-1-1.0)

To form a foreign LLC in the state of Connecticut, individuals must complete an Application for Registration. Once an application has been completed, a filing fee of $120 must be attached to the completed document and mailed to the address stated on the application. There is no Online Application available for the foreign application method.

Foreign Application Statute: 34-223

How to Form

Step 1 – Before starting the application use the Connecticut Business Search to ensure the name that the applicant is planning on utilizing has not already been taken. If a name has been chosen, proceed to the second step.

Step 2 – Download the Application for Registration found here. Once downloaded, complete the following sections below:

Section 1 – Enter the name of the LLC being applied for.

Section 2 – If the LLC being applied for is going to use a different name in Connecticut, enter that name.

Section 3 – Enter the country/state that the LLC was originally filed in.

Section 4 – Input the date that the LLC was originally formed.

Section 5 – Enter the date that the LLC started conducting business in Connecticut.

Section 6 – Write the Principal Office Address of the entity.

Section 7 – Enter the type of business that will be conducted in the state.

Section 8 – If the organizer wishes to make the Connecticut Secretary of State his or her Agent, check Box A. If the organizer wishes to make the agent for his or her company different than the SOS, check Box B and enter all required information.

Section 9 – Enter all required Manager and/or Member related information such as their title, business address, and residence address.

Section 10 – If there is an entity email address currently active, enter it into the text box. If one does not exist, enter ‘None’ instead.

Section 11 – Enter the current date, then the signatory must write his or her full name, title, and signature in the corresponding text boxes.

Step 3 – Now, attach a check made out to “Secretary of State” worth $120 and send (with the completed Application for Registration) to the following mailing address:



P.O. BOX 150470, HARTFORD, CT 06115-0470

Note: An annual report will need to be completed and sent to the Connecticut Secretary of State by exactly one year from the date the entity was organized.