Form a Domestic LLC in Connecticut – Articles of Organization (Form LC-1-1.0)

Form a domestic LLC in Connecticut by either completing the PDF Application known as the Articles of Organization (Form LC-1-1.0) or by using the Online Service and paying the filing fee of $120. Before beginning it is always a good idea to ensure that the name is available for use by performing a Business Search and not having a matching result.

How to Form (Online)

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage and press the Click to Acknowledge Button.


Step 2 – Decide whether to use their Express Option or the Advance Option depending on the situation you are in.


Step 3 – Assuming the Express User option was selected, proceed by entering the following:

  • Customer Name
  • Email Address
  • Full Address

Once the above has been inputted, select the green Continue button. From here on the user will need to follow the on-screen instructions to complete the application.


How to Form (Articles of Organization)

Step 1 – Search for available corporation names using this Name Search. Once an available name has been found, the user can begin completing the application.

Step 2 – Enter all required information regarding the Filing Party.

Step 3 – Enter information into the following sections on the document:

Section 1 – Enter the Name of the LLC.

Section 2 – Write in a description of the business.

Section 3 – Enter the Principal Office Address of the LLC.

Section 4 – Enter the entity’s Mailing Address (if different than section 3).

Section 5 – Input all required information regarding the Statutory Agent. Check Box A if the Statutory Agent is an individual and check Box B if the agent is a business. Complete all required information below the check box that is selected.

Section 6 – Enter information regarding any members or managers within the entity.

Section 7 – If the entity will be run by manager(s), check the corresponding box.

Section 8 – Enter the Entity Email Address.

Section 9 – Enter the date that the application was completed as well as the printed and signed name of the organizer.

Step 4 – Attach a monetary amount of $120 to the completed application and mail both to the following address: