Form a Foreign LLC in Arizona – Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form L025.001)

Form an Arizona foreign LLC by filing an Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Companies. The filing fee for applying is $150. An additional $35 can be attached to the application to expedite the processing of the application. Processing time varies on a range of variables, although applicants can expect to wait ten (10) to fifteen (15) days for a normal application to be filed.

Foreign Application Statute: 29-802

How to Form

Step 1 – The name that you plan on using for your entity may be already in use in the state of Arizona. To ensure you are using a unique name, head to the Arizona Corporation Commission Search Page and enter your planned LLC name. If the name is not available a different name must be selected; similar fictitious names may be used to allow the applicant the option to keep his or her planned LLC name.

[Note: For foreign LLCs there is no eFile option. Only applications that are printed and mailed into the Arizona Corporation Commission are accepted.]

Step 2 – Start by downloading the Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company found here. Enter the following information for each section of the document:

  • Section 1 – Check the box that corresponds to the LLC you will be applying for (either an LLC or PLLC).
  • Section 2 – Enter the full name of the foreign LLC.
  • Section 3 – If the LLC name will remain unchanged in Arizona, check the first box (3.1) and head to the 4th section. If a different, fictitious name will be used instead of the original name, check the second box (3.2) and enter the new name in the section labeled 3.3.
  • Section 4 – If the applicant is applying for a PLLC (Professional Limited Liability Company), then he or she needs to describe the services that the company will provide.
  • Section 5 – Enter the name of the country in which the entity was first created.
  • Section 6 – Enter the date that the foreign entity was formed.
  • Section 7 – Describe the general purpose of the entity.
  • Section 8 – Enter all required details regarding the Statutory Agent. If the agent’s mailing address is different than his street address, enter both addresses into the designated fields. In section 8.3 download the Statutory Agent Acceptance Form (Form M002.003) and attach it to the application.
  • Section 9 – Enter the statutory agent’s Principal Office Address.
  • Section 10 – If the street address of the Statutory Agent is the same as the business then check the ‘Yes’ box in section 10.1. If the addresses are not the same, then check the ‘No’ nox in 10.1 and enter the full address of the entity in section 10.2.

Note: Do not complete both section 11 and section 12; only complete the one that corresponds to the entity being applied for.

  • Section 11 – If the LLC will be run by managers, check the box on the document and download and complete the Manager Structure Attachment (Form L040.002) which gives the personal details of all managers within the entity.
  • Section 12 – If management resides in the members of the entity then check the single box in the section and download and fill-out the Member Structure Attachment (Form L041.001).

Print and attach the form selected above to the application.

  • Section 13 – Check the “I Accept” box and have the individual completing the application write his or her signature, printed name, and date the document. Then, check the box that corresponds to the person signing the document. Only ONE box can be selected. If the applicant is signing the document for another individual, enter their name into the selected box.

Step 3 – Up to this point, 3 out of the 4 required documents should have been downloaded and complete, including the Application for Registration, the Statutory Agent Acceptance, and the Member/Manager Structure Attachment. Download and print the Cover Sheet and attach it to the application to complete the entire package.

Step 4 – Finally, attach a check for the amount of $150 to the application. If the applicant wishes to expedite the process, an additional $35 should be attached. Mail the completed application to the following address:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporate Filings Section
1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007

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