Form a Domestic Arizona LLC – Articles of Organization (Form L010.002)

Form an Arizona LLC, in accordance with § 29-632 (the requirements for filing an LLC in Arizona). This is for standard for-profit LLCs operating in the state of Arizona. To file for a domestic entity in Arizona (domestic refers to the business being original to Arizona) complete the Articles of Organization by one of two methods. The options include the eFile method and the PDF Paper Articles of Organization method. Both methods have filing fees of $35 and can be expedited at a cost of $50.


How to Form

Step 1 – Before an individual can apply for a Domestic LLC in the state of Arizona, he or she must ensure the name of the LLC is available. To check to see if the name is available or if any similar names exist, head to the Arizona Corporation Commission Search Page and enter the desired LLC name. This step may need to be repeated if the LLC names searched are already in use.

Step 2 – Next, begin the process of filing your entity with the State of Arizona. For Domestic LLCs, two filing options are available. The applicant has the choice of either filing online using the eFile method or by filing using the Paper Articles of Organization. Both methods cost $35 to file and include the option to be expedited at a cost of $50.

– eFile Instructions –

Step 1 – Head to This Webpage to begin the process.

Once at the page, select either the option ‘yes’ or ‘no’ depending on whether you (the person completing the application) will serve as the Statutory Agent for the LLC. If yes, continue to Step 2. If not, attach a separate Statutory Agent Acceptance Form.

Arizona Domestic 1

Step 2 – Assuming the applicant selected ‘yes’ in the above step, click the ‘Next’ button and enter the following information into the empty text boxes:

  • Statutory Agent’s Name
  • Statutory Agent’s Address and Mailing Address
  • Select the Entity Type
  • The LLC’s Address
  • The Duration of the LLC

Arizona Domestic 2 Arizona Domestic 3

Step 3 – Once the above information has been entered, click the ‘Next’ button and input all required information regarding Members and Managers. Then, review, sign, and submit the application by following the eFile instructions.

– Paper Articles of Organization Instructions –

Download this form and start by checking the box that corresponds to the company you would like to form (either a Limited Liability Company or a Professional Limited Liability Company).

  • Section 2 Enter the name of the LLC you would like to create.
  • Section 3 – Enter the name of the PLLC you are creating (Ignore this section if you are creating an LLC)
  • Section 4 – Enter all required information regarding the Statutory Agent. This includes the Agent’s full name and address. Once all Agent information has been entered, download and complete the Statutory Agent Acceptance Document and attach it to the Articles of Organization to be submitted in the final application.
  • Section 5.1 – If the Statutory Agent’s address is the same as the LLC then put a checkmark into the first box and head to Section 6. If it is not the same, put a checkmark in the second box and head to section 5.2.
  • Section 5.2 – Enter the full address of the LLC that will be operating in Arizona.
  • Section 6 – Skip this section if the life of the LLC will be continuous (forever). If not, either enter the date or event that will result in the end of the LLC’s life period.
  • Section 7 and 8 – Check the box in the seventh section if the LLC will be run by a group of managers or single manager. If the LLC will be run by all members simultaneously check the box in the eighth section.
  • Section 9 – Have the individual/entity completing this document (also known as the Organizer) print and sign the document.

Once all necessary sections above have been completed by the Organizer, download and complete the following documents and attach them to the completed Articles of Organization and Statutory Agent Acceptance:

Finally, attach $50 to the completed Articles of Organization for the Filing Fee. If the Organizer wishes to expedite the application process, they should attach an additional $35 to the application.

Mail the completed application to the following address:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporate Filings Section
1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007