How to Form an LLC in Arizona – AZ Secretary of State

Form an LLC in the State of Arizona by either mailing or physically handing in a completed Paper Articles of Organization or by filing online using the eFile method (note that eFile is for domestic applications only). The Domestic cost of the standard Document Filing Fee is $50 with an optional $35 charge to expedite the processing. For Foreign applications the standard price is $150 and can be expedited for an additional $35. Foreign LLCs require the completion of a physical application that is either mailed or handed in to the Arizona Corporation Commission.

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Form a Domestic Arizona LLC – Articles of Organization (Form L010.002)

Form a Domestic Arizona LLC – Articles of Organization (Form L010.002)

Form an Arizona LLC, in accordance with § 29-632 (the requirements for filing an LLC in Arizona). This is for standard for-profit LLCs operating in the state of Arizona. To file for a domestic entity in Arizona (domestic refers to the business being original to Arizona) complete the Articles of Organization by one of two methods. The […]

Form a Foreign LLC in Arizona – Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form L025.001)

Form a Foreign LLC in Arizona – Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Company (Form L025.001)

Form an Arizona foreign LLC by filing an Application for Registration of Foreign Limited Liability Companies. The filing fee for applying is $150. An additional $35 can be attached to the application to expedite the processing of the application. Processing time varies on a range of variables, although applicants can expect to wait ten (10) […]

How to Form

Step 1 – Before beginning the forms to apply for either a domestic or foreign LLC, ensure the name you would like to call your LLC is available by searching through the Arizona Online Entity Name Reservation. If the name is available, you can reserve it for 120 days for $10 with an optional $35 to expedite the reservation. Note that reserving the LLC does NOT register it with the State of Arizona.

Additionally, because The State of Arizona has certain requirements regarding naming your entity, check here to ensure you are naming your LLC correctly.

Step 2 – Once you have found an available LLC name, apply for a Domestic (in state) or Foreign (out of state) LLC.

Domestic LLC – You have two options for filing; eFile or Paper Articles of Organization (Form L010.002).

Foreign LLC – eFile is not available for Foreign LLCs. To file, use the Paper Articles of Organization (L025.001) found at the Arizona Corporation Commission.

Step 3 – From here on, the following steps are for individuals filing with the Paper Articles of Organization. Complete these additional forms and attach them to the completed Articles or Organization to proceed:

Step 4 – Once the above forms have been completed, send the package with an attached monetary amount of $50 (ad an additional $35 if the applicant wants to expedite the process) to the address below:

Arizona Corporation Commission
Corporate Filings Section
1300 W. Washington St., Phoenix, Arizona 85007

After Formation

EIN – The LLC has been created, we recommend the owner to create an Employer Identification Number. This number allows the owner to create a bank account in the company name as well as engage in any other financial activities. To obtain this number is completely free and is obtained through the IRS Online or through a PDF document.

Operating Agreement – We suggest the owner complete an operating agreement to record the names of all workers within the company and organize the various roles of the employees, managers, and other company related individuals.


Phone – (602) 542-3026

Phoenix Office
Arizona Corporation Commission
1300 W. Washington St.
Phoenix, AZ 85007

Tucson Office
Arizona Corporation Commission
400 W. Congress, 2nd Floor
Tucson, AZ 85701

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