Form a Domestic LLC in Alabama – Certificate of Formation

The Alabama domestic certificate of formation is a document that allows an individual to register an LLC that will be located in the State. The fees associated with the filing will total $128, $100 for the certificate of formation and $28 for the name reservation. One (1) original and two (2) copies of the certificate will need to be sent to the Judge of Probate’s Office in the County where the principal office will be located. Afterwards, the document will be sent back to the incorporator and the formation shall be complete.

Laws – Section 10A-5A-2.01

How to Form

Step 1 – Choose a name for your company. After you have thought of your name you will be required to check the business database to ensure that it is available for use. If the Secretary of State finds that the name is too similar to another that is on file it will be rejected.

Step 2 – Once a unique name has been selected the name reservation must be filed. This can be completed by going to This Webpage, filling in your details, paying the $28 fee, and wait until you hear back from the Secretary of State.

Step 3 – Once your name has been cleared you may fill-in the Certificate of Formation. This can be completed by doing the following:

Section 1 – Enter the name of the LLC.

Section 2 – Follow the instructions of attaching the name reservation certificate.

Section 3 – Name of the Registered Agent including registered office and any mailing address (if different)

Section 5 – Check the appropriate box on whether the LLC is a professional or series (most will be series)

Section 6 – If there are any other Members (owners) in the LLC they should be listed on an attachment.

Signature – The incorporator should sign the form.

3rd Page – Enter the Name of the LLC, Check that the filing fee is attached (or a credit card has been entered), and make two (2) copies of the form.

Step 4 – Call the County Judge Probate’s Office where the principal office location will be and ask if there is any additional fee associated with the filing. If not, the filing fee of $100 may be attached (unless the credit card details were given), $100 may be attached if the incorporator has decided to “expedite” the filing, be sure to check the box stating you would like it expedited.

Step 5 – Mail the original form, 2 copies, attached certificate of name reservation, and the filing fee to the County Probate Judge’s Office.

How to Video

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