Form a Foreign LLC in Alabama – Application for Registration

Form a foreign LLC in Alabama, which is allowing a company that is operating outside the State in accordance with Section 10A-1-7.04 and will transact business in Alabama. Before filing, the applicant will have to register the name online (Use This Webpage) and pay the $28 fee.

Online Formation

After choosing a name for your LLC (Use the business search to ensure the name is unique) an online formation is available in the State of Alabama by following the simple steps:

Step 1 – Go to This Webpage and select the option on the bottom titled ‘Non-Subscriber‘ or ‘Subscriber Login‘. There will be a fee due at the end of this process for $288*.

*Note: If you apply with the PDF Application it will cost $100 less ($178 total)

Step 2 – On this page enter your contact information. This should include your name, phone number, email address, and mailing address.


Step 3 – At this time you will be either applying for your name reservation, in the first (1st) blank field, or entering the Registration ID for a name that has already been filed.


Step 4 – On the next page you will have to select, in the radio buttons, which type of entity you are filing. For a foreign LLC you must choose the first ‘Foreign’ button and then below select the ‘Limited Liability Company’ button. Afterwards you will write the legal name of the LLC in the bottom blank field.


Step 5 – Choose to either just apply for the Name Reservation or Continue with the Filing.


Step 6 – The incorporator (requestor) may begin filling-in the information about the LLC, this should include the Requestor’s name, address, and whether they are an organization or individual.


Step 7 – The incorporator will have to enter the jurisdiction of the company (inside or outside of the USA), date it began business in it’s originally location, filing options, and you should electronically sign the form.


Step 8 – This should be followed by the Principal Office Address and the Mailing Address (if different).


Step 9 – The Registered Agent information should then be written. It is required that the Registered Agent be located in the State of Alabama. There are many services that do this (See Full List) if you do not have one within the State.


Step 10 – Review your information to make sure it is all correct, then click ‘Continue’.


Step 11 – On the last page you will have to enter your credit card details and pay the amount of $288 (Name Reservation $25, Filing Fee $100, Expedite Fee $150, and other fees). After the sale is complete the entity will be processed.


PDF Application

Step 1Name Reservation – Before filing, the applicant will have to register the name online (Use This Webpage) and pay the $28 fee. The Certificate must be obtained by the Secretary of State before moving forward (will be sent in the mail or e-mail after completing with payment).

Step 2 – Attach the Name Reservation Certificate, known as the ‘Application for Registration‘ must be filled-in and at least two (2) copies be made with the attached $150 filing fee. (May be expedited for an additional $100).

To begin, start with Page 1:

  • Section 1 – Enter the name of the entity in the State where it was formed.
  • Section 2 – Enter the name of the entity as it will be used in Alabama (only rite if different)
  • Section 3 – If any fictitious names are used in the State of jurisdiction they must be applied for in accordance with Section 10A-1-7.07.
  • Section 4 – Attach the Name Reservation Certificate
  • Section 5 – Write the Principal Office Address in the State of Jurisdiction and the Mailing Address (only if different)
Application for Registration

Application for Registration

Step 3 – On Page 2, continue with the following:

  • Section 6 – Jurisdiction of Formation (State or Country where the Company is located)
  • Section 7 – Date of formation in original State.
  • Section 8 – You certify that the entity is valid (Good Standing) in the State of jurisdiction.
  • Section 9 – Name of the Registered Agent. Must be located in the State of Alabama (See Full List).
  • Section 10 – Street Address of Registered Agent (and Mailing Address if different)
  • Section 11 – Input the date when the LLC will begin operations.
  • Signature – The incorporator should print and sign their name below.
Page 2

Page 2

Step 4 – On Page 4, continue with your payment information and select whether you would like to have the document expedited (extra $100).

Page 3

Page 3

Step 5 – The form must be sent, along with two (2) copies, the filing fee of $150, and the Name Reservation Certificate to the following address:

PO Box 5616, Montgomery, AL 36103