Form a Foreign LLC in Alaska – Certificate of Registration (Form 08-297)

Form an Alaska foreign LLC, pursuant to AS 10.50.615, by either filing the paper application (Form 08-497) or going to This Webpage and completing online. In either option, the filing fee that will be $350 assessed by the State. On average, it takes about ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days before the formation will be processed by the State.

How to Form (Instructions)

Step 1 – Select the name that you would like for your business. Most likely, the applicant will be using the same name as it is in the original State, therefore the current name should be used. To verify no other entities are using the name a lookup in the Alaska Business Database should be performed. If the name is not available, then a different name must be selected (if this is the case a fictitious name may be applied for to relate closer to the name in the company’s state of jurisdiction).

– Online Instructions –

Go to This Webpage and enter the following:

  • The company’s entity name
  • Home State of the company including the date it was originally created. Check the box if it is in good standing, meaning, it is up to date with all renewals.
  • Duration, if the company will cease to exist at a later time or if it will go on perpetually.
  • Purpose of the business, preferred to just write “any lawful for-profit business”
  • NAICS Code, scroll down and enter the code that best matches the purpose of the business. For a complete set of the codes for viewing go to This Webpage.
  • Registered Agent, all companies must have a registered agent that is a resident of Alaska. It is not required but highly recommended that the individual chosen is not affiliated with any official role with the company.
  • Management, the company is either to be managed by a manager or by its members. Check the box that best applies.
  • Officials, Click the “Add” button and write all the officials to the company along with their title.
  • The name of the person that filled-in this application should enter their credentials and check the box stating that all the information is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge (or else punishable by perjury). Their name and contact phone number should be listed and then click the “Proceed” button on the bottom of the page.

– Paper Instructions – 

The form begins on the third (3rd) page by checking the box in the upper-left corner stating that you agree to the $350 fee.

  • Item 1 – Enter the name of the LLC and check the box just below the blank field that recognizes the entity being in good standing in its original State of jurisdiction.
  • Item 2 – If the name of the LLC is not available, enter the Assumed Name.
  • Item 3 – State of domicile (State where the company is from) along with the incorporation date, and the duration (if it ends on a specific date, otherwise check the box “Perpetual”)
  • Item 4 – The purpose of the company. Most common is to write “Any lawful business purpose” but you may be as specific as desired. On the right-had side enter the NAICS number (6 digits). Use this Webpage to view the full list.
  • Item 5 – Registered Agent name and address, the person selected for this appointment must be a resident of the State and is recommended (although not required) to be a third (3rd) party not holding title or ownership to the LLC.
  • Item 6 – Write the principal office address along with the mailing address (in its home State.
  • Item 7 – Check the box depending upon if the company is managed by the Members or by a Manager.
  • Item 8 – List the percent (%) interest of each member that owns AT LEAST five (5%) including their Name, Mailing Address, and the percent they hold (attach if there are additional members). In the set of blank fields below, do the same for the Manager(s).

On the last line the signature of the authorized person should sign, print, and date the document.

A check should be attached payable to the State of Alaska in the amount of $350.

The Filing Fee of $350 and Certificate of Registration should be mailed to State of Alaska, Corporations Section, PO Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806