Form a Domestic Alaska LLC – Articles of Organization (Form 08-484)

Form an Alaska domestic LLC, in accordance with Statute 10.50.075, which is the most common type of entity formed in the State. The entity is described as a standard business (for-profit) that will be located in Alaska including the principal office location. The filing fee is $250, whether it is filed via the PDF Application (Form 08-484) or Online (at This Webpage), and will take approximately 10 to 15 business days for the State to complete the formation.

Initial Report – After the incorporator submits the articles of organization they will be required to submit the Initial Report which can be processed online (at This Webpage) and with no fee.

How to Form

Step 1 – The individual that is seeking to incorporate should first think of a name for their company. After a name has been selected they should enter it into the Alaska Business Search Page so that they can see if there are any duplicate names like theirs, or if there are any very similar names. If so, the applicant will have to think of a new name and enter until they receive no results that come close to the name that they suggested.

Step 2 – The applicant has the choice of either filing the application online or through the paper application (Articles of Organization). In either case, the fee will be $250 so it is recommended, and for a faster filing, that the online route is pursued.

– Online Instructions –

Go to This Webpage and begin by entering the following details:

  • Entity Name followed by either the words “Limited Liability Company” or the abbreviation such as “L.L.C” or “LLC” or just the word “limited” be abbreviated to “Ltd.” and “company” as “Co.”
  • State the purpose of the business. The most common is to just write “any lawful business”.
  • NAICS Code, Scroll through the list to find the corresponding six (6) digit code that matches your business intentions. You may also view the Full List of NAICS Codes.
  • The Registered Agent is a person that will answer any legal notifications on behalf of the business. It is recommended to have a third (3rd) party other than any of the members of the LLC fill this role for legal liability. The Agent selected is required to be a resident of the State. Their mailing and physical address must be mentioned even if it is the same.
  • Principal office address and mailing address.
  • The management structure, will it be managed by members or by a single manager?
  • The organizers of the company, this is not necessarily the owner(s) but the person(s) that are filling-in the application. The owners of the LLC will be stated in the operating agreement.
  • Optional Provisions. If the organizers have any optional terms or conditions they would like to add they should check the box stating they have optional provisions.
  • The name of the person that is completing the online articles will need to check the box at the bottom of the form stating all the information is correct, in accordance with the Uniform Electronic Transaction Act and the laws in the State of Alaska.
    Enter your name and contact phone number (in case the State has any questions) and then click the “Proceed” button at the bottom of the online form.

– PDF (Articles of Organization) Instructions – 

Download the form and check the box in the top-left portion of the page acknowledging the $250 filing fee. Read the statement about the Operating Agreement as it is not required by law but is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to be written by the owners (members) as it will be the only document stating the ownership interests of the Members.

  • Article 1 – Enter the name of the LLC.
  • Article 2 – Indicate the purpose of the business and the six (6) digit NAICS code (See List of Codes)
  • Article 3 – Enter the Registered Agent’s name and mailing address (including physical address even it is the same). The registered agent MUST BE a resident of the State and is recommended to be a third (3rd) party with no active role in the company.
  • Article 4 – Check the box concerning whether the LLC will be managed by Members or a Manager.
  • Article 5 – If there are any additional provisions they should be attached to this document (the Articles).
  • Article 6 – The Organizer(s) should sign, print their name, and date the form.

Afterwards, a check should be included made payable to the “State of Alaska” in the amount of $250. The following page (Contact Information Sheet) should be filled-in if the State has any questions about specific details for the filing.

The form and filing fee should be sent to: State of Alaska, Corporations Section, PO Box 110806, Juneau, AK 99811-0806

Step 3 – After the filing is complete the organizer must proceed to the Initial Report which can be completed online at this web address: and with no fee. Afterwards, the formation process is complete with no other obligations or liabilities.