How to Form an LLC in Alaska – AK Dept. of Commerce, Community, and Economic Development

Form an LLC in the State of Alaska by either filing the Articles of Organization or Certificate of Registration either online or sending the PDF application through the mail. The filing fee will either be $250 or $350 whether the company is a domestic (in-state) or foreign (out-of-state) respectively. The standard processing time, after filing, is ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days. After the application has been completed, the State requires that an Initial Report be filed online.

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Form a Domestic Alaska LLC – Articles of Organization (Form 08-484)

Form a Domestic Alaska LLC – Articles of Organization (Form 08-484)

Form an Alaska domestic LLC, in accordance with Statute 10.50.075, which is the most common type of entity formed in the State. The entity is described as a standard business (for-profit) that will be located in Alaska including the principal office location. The filing fee is $250, whether it is filed via the PDF Application (Form […]

Form a Foreign LLC in Alaska – Certificate of Registration (Form 08-297)

Form a Foreign LLC in Alaska – Certificate of Registration (Form 08-297)

Form an Alaska foreign LLC, pursuant to AS 10.50.615, by either filing the paper application (Form 08-497) or going to This Webpage and completing online. In either option, the filing fee that will be $350 assessed by the State. On average, it takes about ten (10) to fifteen (15) business days before the formation will […]

How to Form

Step 1 – Select the name you would like to call your LLC and verify that it is available by performing a lookup. If the name does not coincide with any others in the business database then it should be available for use (if not, the State will reject your application and you will be allowed to re-submit free of charge).

Step 2 – Choose which type you will be forming, a domestic (in-State) or Foreign (located out-of-state) company.

Step 3 – After entering your details the filing fee should be paid. $250 for Domestic and $350 for Foreign LLC’s. If the paper application was filled-in a check should be attached and made payable to the “State of Alaska”.

(Only for Domestic LLC’s) Step 4 – When the initial process is complete, the organizer(s) will be required to process the Initial Report which is free of charge and can be completed online at This Webpage.

At this time there is nothing left for the organizer to do.

After the Formation

After the LLC has been completed it is not required but highly recommended the owner(s) of the company complete the following:

Apply for EIN – This is a federal tax ID number that is required if the company will be participating in any sort of financial activity such as creating bank accounts or applying for business credit cards. Takes about ten (10) minutes to complete and may be applied for Online or through Form SS-4.

Operating Agreement – Not required by law but according to Statute kkjdjk it allows a company to state the ownership, business purpose, management style, and any other legal details that should be mentioned. In order to safeguard the entity status of the company, it is highly recommended to have this document completed.


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